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"They are not just pets; they are friends, they are life partners, they are

part of the family."

Hummingbird Urns creates unique and colorful urns for those beings that so many joys have brought us: our pets. 


Each urn is created taking into account the happy moments and memories with our pets. It is for this reason that our pieces are full of color, love and life. 

It is our intention to honor the animals and the incredible history they have with their owners.

Publications and mentions
Hummingbird Urns
Newspaper El Universal Querétaro
Redesign funeral urns with color and design
Posted on July 24, 2016


Exclusive, handmade designs.

The Hummingbird Urns designs are characterized by being unique and full of life. Each piece is worked with dedication and affection, and with the highest quality standards.


With our designs we want the owners to remember with a smile those beings who accompanied and supported them at all times.

Our pieces transmit energy, joy and affection; all these characteristics of pets.

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